3 Tips for Engaging Your Subscribers

Opt In And Out Signpost Showing Decision To Subscribe Or AgreeWhen you work so hard to get subscribers to sign up for your email blasts and newsletters, it’s disappointing when they ignore or don’t open your emails, or worse yet, unsubscribe from your mailing list. By following some simple but well thought out strategies, you can keep your new subscribers happy, re-engage inactive customers and improve the results of your online marketing efforts.

1. Be specific with how you lure subscribers. How often are you sending out your campaigns? Do you send out a monthly newsletter or weekly email blasts? For starters, make sure that your signup information is specific, so that your subscribers know what to expect. They don’t want to sign up for a monthly newsletter and then get bombarded with emails every week or few days. Be clear so that your subscribers know what they’re signing up for.

2. Don’t bombard subscribers. There’s a fine line between sending them a few promos a month with some thoughtful information and blasting them every few days. Consider creating a content-rich newsletter that goes out every month or biweekly, in addition to some well-timed blasts. Use the click and open rate reports that your provider offers to gauge which type of campaigns engage your subscribers the most and emulate those for future emails.

3. Make your website and campaigns mobile-responsive. The widespread expansion of the mobile market has made it imperative to make your site and campaigns mobile-responsive. Being mobile-responsive is not only necessary to accommodate your visitors and buyers, but to stay in Google’s good graces as well. Lack of mobile-responsiveness definitely takes you out of the mix for mobile searches and affects your overall rankings as well. The mobile market is only going to continue to grow, so now is the time to bite the bullet and update your site if you haven’t already.

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The Benefits of using pinterest for business marketing

Benefits of Using Pinterest for Business marketing | ExtimaPinterest is a bit like a digital vision board—you pin photos you like and categorize them according to topics of your choice in an online profile. Some use it for personal purposes and others use it to gain exposure for their products and services, while many use it for both. Many clients wonder whether there are any benefits to using Pinterest for business marketing or as part of their social media and online marketing campaigns. The consensus is that it can definitely be a great tool for garnering online exposure and attracting new customers. Read on to learn about how it can benefit your business.

One of the many benefits of Pinterest is that it enables you to define and garner exposure for a brand and the people behind it. When the people behind a brand showcase their passions and interests, it helps them become relatable and connect with potential customers. Pinterest also allows users to demonstrate their expertise in their area of business. If your company is a service-oriented firm, you can pin photos of happy customers or client projects. This is an excellent way to promote everything from fitness training, hairstyling and makeup artistry to interior décor, auto restoration or original art, for example. Followers will be inspired and visit your board for ideas, which will increase your credibility and appeal among both new and potential customers.

While an obvious use is to upload photos of your products or services offered, Pinterest also offers a great way to promote text-based content, such as blog articles. When you pin the photo that accompanies the blog post on a board, you can link it to the content to attract traffic. This is a popular method for workouts, recipes, how-to guides, house décor, real estate listings and more.

On the SEO front, Pinterest is beneficial because it adds backlinks to your website and increases overall visibility.

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6 Ways to Prep Your eCommerce Site for the Holidays

The holiday rush is on its way, so if your company has an eCommerce site, it’s best to get all your ducks in a row as far as advance as possible so that you don’t lose sales during one of the most important times of the year. It’s time to ramp up your online marketing, make sure your site is working perfectly and create holiday promos to drive sales and garner new customers.

Here are a few specific things to get in check before the holidays are in full effect.

1. Assess your site speed. Your website should only take around three seconds to load—studies show that if it takes too long to load buyers will lose patience and click out. Streamline whatever files you can and check the speed of your website to make sure it’s working optimally.

2. Be ready for traffic. Make sure that your website can handle as much traffic as possible. You never know what can happen during the holidays.

3. Be mobile-responsive. If you haven’t already made your website mobile-responsive, now is the time. It affects your search engine rankings negatively if your site isn’t mobile-responsive AND you will lose potential sales.

4. Plan your content. Create all of your blog posts and social media content in advance and schedule them. You don’t want to be too swamped during the holidays to get exposure for your content and special promotions.

5. Plan your promotions and sales. Plan your sales and promo codes now and create a schedule for loading them. This will give you time to double check everything and make sure all your discounts and pricing is correct.

6. Schedule your email blasts in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute; create and schedule your special email blasts and holiday newsletters now.

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3 Tips for Harnessing the Power of Video Optimization

3 Tips for the Power of Video Optimization | Extima WebVideo optimization and YouTube are an important part of online marketing, yet many companies overlook this avenue for boosting their search engine rankings and gaining exposure for their products and services. Every day, billions of videos are watched on YouTube alone—it’s considered by many as the second largest search engine in the world. Building a strong YouTube presence can have an incredible impact on your brand reach and will give you the chance to engage with the millions of visitors of using the platform.

It makes sense to leverage these audiences and use video to boost your online marketing efforts. Here are three tips for optimizing your videos and making them easier to find and share.

1. Provide relevant, interesting content. You want to make sure that your video is compelling, related to your products or services, and interesting to watch. Make sure you’re not shoving your brand in viewers’ faces; they are there to learn about whatever they searched for. If content feels too promotional, they will quickly move on to the next item that their search query brought up. Don’t make your videos too lengthy either; studies show that viewers’ attention spans rarely last more than three minutes.

2. Make your video optimization search-friendly. Just like Google, YouTube uses algorithms to determine which videos appear in the search results and where. YouTube will evaluate the bounce rate of your videos—as in how long viewers watch your content before clicking out. Other important factors include the number of subscribers your channel has and the number of likes, dislikes and comments each video garners. They will also look at keyword relevance and the length of your videos.

3. Provide a clear call to action. Since you have viewers’ attention, you want to capitalize on it. Here is your chance to create a call to action that is compelling and attractive so that viewers have the opportunity to take advantage of what you have to offer.

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