3 Tips for Making Emails Work Better in Microsoft Outlook 2015

3 Tips for Making Emails Work Better in Microsoft Outlook 2015All Outlook users have been there at one time or another—whether you receive an email that looks awful or your own blast is hardly presentable when opened up in Outlook, it can be a very frustrating position to be in. When you spend so much time crafting and executing an online marketing campaign, it almost seems like a waste when the delivery leaves so much to be desired.

The good news is, there are several ways to overcome these Microsoft Outlook 2015 obstacles. Here are three of our tried and tested strategies for preparing an email campaign for Outlook.

1. Use tables in your blast. When sending email blasts or newsletters to a multitude of Outlook users, tables are your only surefire way to have your campaign look the way it does on your screen when it reaches the recipient’s inbox. While Outlook removes the styles you use in your template so that things are no longer laid out the way you want them to be, when you use a table, your images and text will look the way you want and won’t be “floating around.”

2. Style some breaks. Unfortunately, Outlook won’t wrap your text automatically; therefore, you may have some “floating” words or punctuation in weird places. Avoid this by adding styling that will cause a break in text so that it doesn’t go beyond 600px, which is considered the standard width for emails. Also make sure to add in paragraph breaks where necessary.

3. Get specific. It’s essential to pre-determine the specifics of your text, such as font, font color, font size and any other stylistic elements you want to include, such as italics are bolding of certain words. It’s all important to define the line height. Most templates include a simple toolbar that allows you to execute these characteristics.

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