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What is a Bounce Rate and How Can I Avoid It?

online marketing solutionsWhen it comes to online marketing solutions, a steadily climbing bounce rate can be the kiss of death. It’s defined as the percentage of viewers who visit only one page of your website and then leave without interacting or visiting any other pages. This includes visits where the user closes their browser, clicks on an external link in your content and navigates away, types in a new URL or stays on a page for 30 minutes or more without any interaction.

There are many reasons why your bounce rate is not as low as you would like it to be. It could be that your site takes too long to load, is difficult to navigate or simply doesn’t have the products, services or information that your visitors are looking for. If your site is suffering, here are a few tips to help prevent high bounce rates, get your visitors to engage, and ultimately, increase conversion.

1. Deliver

The most common reason for a high bounce rate is that your site doesn’t deliver what the visitor is looking for. This could be due to poorly targeted keywords or those that are not in alignment with what you’re really offering, as well as misleading advertising. It’s essential to set your users’ expectations correctly so that they won’t be disappointed. If you’re selling outdoor gear and one of your keyphrases is “backpacking equipment,” make sure that you have content related to it and that it’s a type of product you sell.

2. Have clear navigation

Make sure that your site’s navigation is clear and easy to understand.

3. Employ a responsive design

It’s best to ensure that every type of user will have an enjoyable experience. Invest in a responsive design that will accommodate users on all devices available.

4. Be clear

Make sure your landing page has a clear purpose or call to action. Many times, visitors bounce from a site because they’re confused as to what it offers.

5. Create strong content

Make sure your site has lots of compelling, engaging content for visitors to browse or read. Create excellent descriptions of your products and services, and establish a blog and post regularly.

Employing these strategies will help your reduce your bounce rate, establish credibility and trustworthiness, and boost your brand’s visibility. For information on our online marketing solutions, visit this link.

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Top 5 Reasons You Need SEO

Online Marketing Services | Top 5 Reasons You Need SEO

While the internet is a constantly evolving entity, SEO practices aren’t going anywhere. They are fundamental to the success of your company and your online marketing services strategy has a definitely effect on your business as a whole. If you maintain a strong SEO campaign, your company will be able to adjust to the constantly changing factors of the industry, from Google’s influx of algorithms and the growth of other search engines to the impact of social media and the need for mobile-responsiveness.

Here are five reasons that SEO should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy.

1. Greater visibility = conversions.

SEO is ultimately what can put your website on the top of the search engine pages and therefore generate leads and increase conversions. The more targeted your SEO, the more relevant your traffic will be.

2. Your competitors are doing it.

Across the gamut of industries, most companies are integrating SEO into their marketing campaigns. The longer you wait to start SEO activities, the more time your competition will have to dominate search engine rankings and have greater visibility than your company.

3. Good SEO improves the user experience you provide.

The search engines loves it when you create a quality website, but so do the users. Ensure that your website has good navigation, an intuitive design and relevant, original content. Also make sure that there are no 404 errors or broken links. This will help you provide a user-friendly, enjoyable experience for your visitors.

4. SEO helps you build credibility.

When you develop strong content and engage strong SEO practices, this will help show your brand in a positive light and attract targeted visitors who are actually looking for the kind of products or services you offer. The greater your visibility and exposure, the more opportunities you have to create a positive image and boost your brand’s reputation.

5. SEO is very cost-effective.

The benefits of organic SEO outweigh advertising costs because the results are long-term. Unlike other marketing efforts, your costs are fixed and your results don’t just disappear if you take a break like they would if you stopped an advertising campaign.

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How SEO Resembles the Video Game Industry

digital marketingSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is something that many businesses use to gain more targeted traffic with their online presence. The video game industry is similar in many ways, but different as well. One would not think to compare the two of them, but if you look closely enough, you could make several connections between the two. So how is it that the video game industry is anything like a SEO digital marketing agency?

In video games, there are multiple levels of gameplay and everyone is trying to make it to the top. The same thing can be said for the internet and gaining new customers. When someone like Nintendo, Bethesda or Valve comes out with a new game, they release it onto their network where there are hundreds of other games similar to it, but different and unique in its own way. SEO digital marketing is very similar—people will use networks, resources, and tools, but they are actually the same ones used by other companies as well.

Secondly, they each use weapons of some sort. Video games and their heroes always have some sort of weapon to overpower their enemies—and so does SEO. In SEO, you mainly work a lot of offensive moves to monitor and steal links, using various tools. By making sure you beat your competitor, you have used the weapons of SEO instead of the real weapons used in a video game.

Of course, an actual game is different than the industry and that is where these two things will differ. While the industry works as a whole, an individual game such as World of Warcraft is more detailed and full of life. Games like this can really be compared to the world of SEO. The industry itself is growing every day and adjusting to the changes made by Google and other search engines. Nevertheless, if you would have looked at these two things before, you may not have made any sort of connection between them. But when you look closer, you see that there are many similarities between them. You can actually see how SEO online marketing works when you compare it to a video game. Thinking in terms of weapons and a battlefield will actually help to make it more real and show you just how companies can use SEO to gain the competitive edge they need to become successful.

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