3 Digital Marketing Tips for Curating Content

Digital Marketing 3 Tips for Curating Content Extima Web development

One of the best ways to drive traffic and stock your website with fresh topics is to curate quality content. It’s fundamental digital marketing practice for attracting more links to your site and boosting your SEO efforts, while generating fresh content on a regular basis.

Content curation consists of sorting through and selecting content from the web that you think will engage your audience, and then presenting it in a thoughtful, cohesive manner, typically based around a theme. While it’s important to regularly create original and compelling content, it can get very time-consuming—curating content from other sources is the perfect way to diversify your content footprint and increase the volume of your posts with less effort.

Here are 3 tips for optimizing your curated content.

1. Don’t mass dump. While it’s essential to increase the volume of content you post, you want to choose carefully. This is about quality, not quantity. Select a grouping of the most relevant and highest quality posts possible about the topic you choose and present it in a way that’s easy to navigate and engaging—and strive to make it fun for your audience as well.

2. Be relevant and timely. Fresh, original content is what Google places the highest value on when ranking your website. So when your site is rich in original content, it will experience stronger organic rankings. Even though you’re curating content from other sources, culling them and presenting them in a unique and cohesive manner on a single page will help deepen your content footprint. As a “middleman,” strive to find the most timely and relevant content possible so that readers get the most from your page as opposed to poring over tons of links produced by a Google search.

3. Be creative with your presentation. Curating is an art form—don’t just collect content and throw together a list. Once you’ve vetted and handpicked an array of awesome content, present it in an aesthetically pleasing way that will appeal to your audience. Try using infographics, create “Top 10” and “Best of” lists and polls, news roundups, blog series and even content surrounding daily themes, such as the ever popular Motivation Mondays, Wisdom Wednesdays, WayBack Wednesdays and others that make for good hashtags for sharing on social media and social bookmarking.

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