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3 Tips for a Successful Website Redesign

successful website redesignWhen you’re ready to implement a successful website redesign, there are several factors to consider. Whether you need your site to be mobile-responsive or simply want a new look for the online face of your company, a redesign is an excellent strategy for attracting new customers and increasing conversions. Many fear changing their website, especially if they believe it’s “working fine,” but it’s essential for brands to stay relevant and position themselves on the cutting-edge, and a website refresh can be the key to doing exactly that.

Here are a few tips for making sure your website redesign is effective.

1. Be clear who your target market is.

It’s crucial to know and understand your current and potential customers well so that you can deliver a website that appeals to them. Obtain data on your target market, if necessary, and find out details about their lifestyle and culture so that you can speak their language.

2. Send out an announcement.

A great way to keep your current visitors on board is to send out an email announcing the redesign and explaining what new features you’ve created and how the changes you’ve made benefits them. Tell a backstory if you can to make it more interesting and relatable to your visitors.

3. Solicit feedback.

While it’s great to get feedback from friends and colleagues, you really want to know what your target audience thinks. Provide chances to offer feedback on the site, in your email blasts and anywhere else you think will work—you may even want to consider creating a survey and offering incentives for visitors to complete it. Don’t just solicit it after your relaunch—continue to solicit feedback regularly so you can get ideas for future upgrades and understand what your audience likes and doesn’t like.

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