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3 Ways to Improve Email Blasts

online marketingIf you spend a lot of time and effort crafting online marketing campaigns like email blasts and newsletters, it’s disappointing when your recipients don’t open and read them. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge subscriber list if no one is opening your emails—the whole point is to boost traffic and increase sales. If you’re not happy with your current open and click rates, here are a few things you can do to better engage your audience and improve your online marketing results.

1. Be consistent with online marketing.

While there’s a difference between staying on subscribers’ minds and flooding their inboxes, research shows that most businesses don’t email their subscribers enough. Send an email blast as soon as they sign up, and then stay on their mind by sending a content-rich email or two in the first week—studies show that engagement is greatest within the first three to seven days after signup. Make sure there is engaging content and a nice discount or promo in the email, so that you make an indelible positive impression on your audience. LeadPages touts some interesting data in regards to this—they’ve found that 50 percent of conversions occur during the first month after signup, and 75 percent happens with the first three months.

2. Make subject lines long.

According to Get Response, emails with subject lines longer than 61 characters had the greatest open rate—to the tune of 12.38 percent. Do your own study by splitting an email campaign and using a long subject line for half of your recipients and one below 61 characters for the second half of your list.

3. Engage your audience’s curiosity.

Much research shows that an open loop technique in the subject line increases your open rate. Give general information that will pique your subscriber’s curiosity, such as “Learn how to boost website traffic,” “Lose weight without depriving yourself” or “Take 10 years off your face,” without giving the specifics of how you plan to tell your readers how to achieve their goals. Make sure that your copy delivers what you promise.

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