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5 Tips to Maximize Holiday Internet Marketing Strategies

5 Tips to Maximize Holiday Internet Marketing StrategiesNow is the perfect time to optimize your holiday internet marketing strategies campaign to boost sales and increase exposure for your business. Here are a few tips for maximizing sales this and every holiday season.

1. Host a holiday event.

If you have a store or a brick and mortar location, host a holiday party to show customer appreciation. Add an exciting yet relevant element to it—if your business is a clothing store, have a trunk show. If the business you’re promoting is a hair salon, have event styling or makeover services taking place. If you own a gourmet food and wine store, have lots of sampling and a cooking or wine pairing demonstration.

2. Do a holiday email blast.

Make sure to send out a blast offering a holiday discount, a BOGO offer or free shipping. Include gift ideas if relevant so that you can feature special products and promotions. You can also do a savvy email holiday card that includes a discount as well. Now is the time to plan for everything from your Black Friday to after-Christmas sales. Craft all of your announcements and specials now and set up your blasts in advance.

3. Post a holiday gift guide on your blog.

Feature products specials, packages and any holiday discounts in a listing that includes descriptions of what you’re offering and who they make the perfect gift for. Include photos of customers buying gifts or using your products.

4. Incentivize.

Provide exciting incentives that are relevant to your business, such as a raffle for a vacation if you own a travel agency. If you own a bakery, do one for holiday treats.

5. Post all your specials and products on social media.

Let your customers know about special deals on social media and offer specific discounts that are only for your followers—this is easily done with promo codes. Post different gift ideas every day to increase exposure of your products and services.

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    Great tips on maximizing holiday marketing strategies! The insights shared on Extima provide a concise and actionable guide, offering businesses valuable tactics to make the most of the festive season. Well-crafted and informative content!


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