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7 Factors That Make a Marketing Link “Good”

Online marketingJust like SEO, link building is a part of online marketing that is continuously evolving—so much so that some have stopped the practice altogether. This may be due to recent comments made in a Google + hangout by Google’s webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller, who stated that link building could potentially do your website more harm than good.

While it’s true that search engines have gotten much better at determining the quality of a link, this just means that you need to make sure that you’re only using quality links. Read on for seven things to look for in determining the quality of a link.

1. Relevancy.

This means that the content on the site that you’re linking to is relevant to your content and your business offerings.

2. Links should be trusted.

This means that the page you are linking to has a good PageRank with Google. In other words, Google has deemed the site as having “authority.”

3. It’s a text link.

This means that the link is not a logo or image link, but simply text.

4. The link is not a redirect.

This means that it’s a direct link, not one that uses referral script.

5. The IP address is trusted.

The page you’re linking to is on a site from an IP address that hosts no spammy sites.

6. The link doesn’t have a lot of company.

In an ideal world, a link to your site would be the first and only link on that page. “Only” may be a far reach; if it’s one of few outbound links that can work.

7. The link is not reciprocal.

Google frowns upon exchange reciprocal links and will penalize your site of there are too many taking place between two sources.

As you can see, link building can be tricky, which is why your best route is to let experts do it for you. For information on our link building and online marketing services, click here.

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