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5 Strategies for Writing Better Headlines

When you spend time and effort to craft stellar blog posts, you want them to be read and shared as much as possible. Yet what many bloggers don’t realize is that you have to grab your readers’ attention with the headline or it’s not happening. It may be hard to believe that those 8 to […]

3 Tips for Engaging Your Subscribers

When you work so hard to get subscribers to sign up for your email blasts and newsletters, it’s disappointing when they ignore or don’t open your emails, or worse yet, unsubscribe from your mailing list. By following some simple but well thought out strategies, you can keep your new subscribers happy, re-engage inactive customers and […]

3 Tips for Harnessing the Power of Video Optimization

Video optimization and YouTube are an important part of online marketing, yet many companies overlook this avenue for boosting their search engine rankings and gaining exposure for their products and services. Every day, billions of videos are watched on YouTube alone—it’s considered by many as the second largest search engine in the world. Building a […]

5 Ways to Generate Blog Ideas

Do you have writer’s block? Are you running out of ideas or feeling at a loss for words? It’s easy to get drained creatively when you’re blogging on a weekly or even daily basis. If you need a little inspiration to keep your content fresh and your online marketing strategy in place, read on for […]

3 Things That Hurt Your Rankings

You don’t have to be an online marketing guru to understand the importance of search engine rankings. By now, your company is most likely engaged in SEO activities, such as linkbuilding, blogging and on-page optimization. While it’s essential to perform those activities at a bare minimum, it’s equally important to understand how you may be […]

Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Maintaining a blog on your website is essential for the survival of your online business and plays a critical role in engaging new customers and clients. It’s ones of the most valuable tools you have at your fingertips to communicate with your clients and build stronger relationships. While social media is an essential facet of […]

10 Basic SEO Terms

SEO is a constantly evolving industry—and just when you think you’re savvy about all the terminology, more terms get added into the mix. If you’re having difficulty understanding your SEO reports or want to be able to have an intelligent conversation about the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign, here are a few terms that […]

Why Long-Tail Keywords are More Effective

Long-tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which specific to your product or service. While many web design companies strive to rank for specific keywords that pertain to their goods or services, using long-tail keyword variations in your online marketing can be a much more effective strategy. When you first look at a […]