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The Benefits of using pinterest for business marketing

Pinterest is a bit like a digital vision board—you pin photos you like and categorize them according to topics of your choice in an online profile. Some use it for personal purposes and others use it to gain exposure for their products and services, while many use it for both. Many clients wonder whether there […]

The Importance of Online Marketing

Whether you’re a small business owner or are in charge of a large corporation, Online Marketing is not only important, it’s essential for your business success. Having an online presence is a must in today’s marketplace. About 10 years ago, having an online marketing presence was a choice, but now with so many potential users […]

What Does Virtual Reality Mean for Web browsers?

It’s no surprise that Virtual Reality (VR) is the latest craze right now. Many companies like Samsung, Google and even Facebook have dipped their toes in the great sea of VR. The HTC Vive is Value’s VR concept directed more for PC gaming. The creator of the PC gaming platform Steam, Valve, has entered into […]

WordPress – Changing Passwords

This short video tutorial from our video series teaches users how to change their own password in Your Profile. This video introduces users to: Navigate to the Your profile edit page. Enter a new password and check it for strength. Save their new password. The password and email address attached to your username can be […]

WordPress – Create And Edit Users

This short video tutorial from our video series introduces users to creating and editing users inside WordPress. This video discusses: Adding new users to your WordPress site Required information for creating a new user User Roles and what certain Access Levels can and can’t do inside WordPress Editing user accounts Promoting users on your site […]

WordPress – Editing Posts And Pages

This flash video tutorial from our video series introduces to editing posts or pages. This video introduces users to: Locating posts or pages to edit using Posts > Posts or Pages > Pages Accessing the Post and Page action menu links Open up a post or page in Edit mode Changing text to bold and […]