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Social Image Sizes for all the Major Networks!

Setting up and managing new social media accounts can be daunting whether you’re a small business owner or an experienced Inbound Marketing Guru. Like it or not though, the trend of utilizing these outlets for promotion, link building, and SEO is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future- and the sooner you embrace that fact […]

Webmail Set Up

So you have a new email account, now what… Here are the most common settings needed to set up most POP3/IMAP Email Clients or Devices: When setting Up: POP – choose POP and the incoming server port will default to 110. IMAP – chose IMAP and the incoming server port will default to 143. All […]

Extima Team at SCaLE 10X

At Extima we are very enthusiastic about technology and we always do our best research in order to offer the most up-to-date online solutions. My colleague Roberto and I are members of several geek meet ups in the Los Angeles area and usually get together to see what’s going on in the market that we can incorporate […]

The basics for getting your business online

Three things are necessary to have a web site online: a Domain Name, a Host, and a Web Site Design. The Domain Name is the address you would like people to type into their browser to bring up your web site (for example – https://www.extima.com). The Host is the computer that is hooked up to […]