How you will soon be able to get the most out of your Xbox one?

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How you will soon be able to get the most out of your Xbox one?

If most people are using their Xbox One the same way that I am, then they might be missing out on some of the advantages that it comes with. Your Xbox shares more similarities with your desktop than you were aware of. Until now, my Xbox existed only to play a select few video games and watch Game of Thrones through the HBO Go app. If you are like me and are unaware of what other things your Xbox One can do, then you might want to read along.

  1. The ability to connect your Keyboard

This may not seem like the most convenient thing in the world but let’s think about this for a second. Picture all those times where you were playing a game and you’re looking to finish an achievement and you just cannot figure it out. You would normally pull out your phone and search online or get up and go to your computer to figure it out. With a connected keyboard you can just snap to internet explorer and look it up with your game open right next to your browser.

  1. Backwards Compatibility

It is finally about to happen… Xbox 360 games will have the ability to be played on next-gen consoles. New and also most requested design development from Microsoft. Now we can relive the glory days of playing our favorite childhood games on our newest console. This feature was just recently mentioned so it may be awhile before your favorite game is available but that is no reason to hold off your excitement. Click this link to see the current list of games that have been approved for backwards compatibility. I have always been a fan of the Call of Duty franchise so I cannot wait until the day that I can play the first modern warfare on my Xbox One.

  1. Streaming games to other Windows 10 Devices

Now if you’re like me, then you have yet to test out Windows 10 on any device and are fairly unaware of its newfound advantages. With this new Windows update, users now have the ability to stream any of their games through their Windows device and hook up an Xbox controller and play to their heart’s desire. It has been a long time coming but now every gamer’s dream of playing Xbox while on the porcelain throne has become a reality. The only restriction is that your Xbox and Windows 10 device need to be on the same network to connect, so you can pretty much play Xbox anywhere in your house.

  1. PlayStation 4 games through Xbox One

This one is a little less useful on a daily basis but is a pretty cool party trick to pull out when your friends come over. Your Xbox One comes with an HDMI In port, obviously, so that you can hook it up to your TV but it also comes with an HDMI out cable. This can be used to hook up other consoles like a PlayStation 4 and snap it to one side of your TV while you are playing an Xbox game on the other side.

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web design and online marketing services

The Importance of Online Marketing

web design and online marketing services

The Importance of Online Marketing

Whether you’re a small business owner or are in charge of a large corporation, Online Marketing is not only important, it’s essential for your business success. Having an online presence is a must in today’s marketplace.

About 10 years ago, having an online marketing presence was a choice, but now with so many potential users on the worldwide web, you would lose business without it. According to SnapRetail, over 85 percent of online searches for products and services are happening right now. That is a high demand for any small business attempting to swim with the big fishes. Although having a strong online presence is vital for success, otherfactors have coming into play over the last year.

Having your website responsive or mobile-friendly is key to the mobile market, which is why web design services are in such demand. According to “,” 80 percent of Americans now own a Smartphone. If your website is unresponsive, you lose the opportunity to connect with so many potential customers. It’s not a choice anymore. If your website is not up to the standards of today’s SEO requirements, your business could result in less customer interactivity.

Online marketing not only allows for a stronger more personalized brand, it also gives the opportunity for the growth of social media. Taking advantage of social networking can have a strong influence on who visits your website, and more importantly, why they are coming. Integrating many social networking tools would be a huge step to your marketing campaigns.

By opening your reach to the worldwide web, you can establish relationships in many parts of the world or to a selected group of people. The possibilities are great, and should be used by all small business looking for a specific target market. The bottom-line is that people have too many choices these days. If your business is not online, you’re taking a huge risk. If the competition and your audience is online, you should be too.

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What Does Virtual Reality Mean for Web browsers?

What Does Virtual Reality Mean for Web browsers

What Does Virtual Reality Mean for Web browsers

It’s no surprise that Virtual Reality (VR) is the latest craze right now. Many companies like Samsung, Google and even Facebook have dipped their toes in the great sea of VR. The HTC Vive is Value’s VR concept directed more for PC gaming. The creator of the PC gaming platform Steam, Valve, has entered into a partnership with the mobile phone company HTC. This headset has not been used by many people yet but it promises to push the Oculus Rift off the top ladder. It specs two wireless infrared cameras in front and 37 sensors to allow actual movement in a virtual space.

Google Cardboard is Google’s very own VR. It’s a cardstock Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android using Unity that allows for the creation of VR apps using a smartphone. With many apps being developed for this VR, it’s sure to be a top competitor.


In the years to come, we can expect huge growth in the VR community, but what does that mean for web development or web browsers? VR will have an impact on the way we surf the web. There is already a virtual reality web browser called “Janus.”You can virtually walk around to a certain URL, video or audio links. A large community has thrived from this and created some unbelievable content for the browser. Click here to see “Janus” in action.


With more and more companies becoming part of the movement, it’s interesting to see how far this can go. There are companies like “Magic Leap” who keep their secrets behind closed doors. It’s rumored that they will focus on cinematic real-life Augmented Reality (AR). Imagine a mini-elephant dancing in your hands without the use of a headset. The possibilities are endless with what the future holds for VR. The Virtual Reality Summer Expo is coming to Los Angeles on August 29, 2015.  Visitors to the Expo can expect to see all the top VR companies and demonstrations for this new technology.

WordPress – Changing Passwords

This short video tutorial from our video series teaches users how to change their own password in Your Profile.

This video introduces users to:

  • Navigate to the Your profile edit page.
  • Enter a new password and check it for strength.
  • Save their new password.

The password and email address attached to your username can be changed at any time using the Your Profile screen.

And here’s some info about changing your password you can use to complement your videos — if you like!

The password and email address attached to your username can be changed at any time using the Your Profile screen.

It’s as simple as:

1.  Go to Users > Your Profile or Profile > Your Profile in your site dashboard.

  • The menu item you use depends on what role you have been assinged on a site.

2.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to the New Password area.
3.  Type your new password into both boxes and click Update Profile when you are done.

  • TIP: Using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols makes it hard for others to guess your password.  The strength indicator provides an indication of how good your password choice is!

4.  Your password should now be updated and next time you need to log into your account this is the password you use.

WordPress – Create And Edit Users

This short video tutorial from our video series introduces users to creating and editing users inside WordPress.

This video discusses:

  • Adding new users to your WordPress site
  • Required information for creating a new user
  • User Roles and what certain Access Levels can and can’t do inside WordPress
  • Editing user accounts
  • Promoting users on your site with biographical information

You add a new user by clicking on the “Users” link in the admin menu inside the WordPress dashboard, and then clicking “Add New.”

There are only 3 pieces of required information to create a new user:

  1. username
  2. email address
  3. password

All other fields in this view are optional.

If you wish your user to be notified of his new account make sure to click the check box for “send this password to the new user by email.”

The user role selection box determines the capabilities you can assign to the new user, which vary in the following ways:

Subscriber – This is the default setting for a basic user which can login and read content only. They have no posting capabilities, other than the ability to leave comments on posts on the front end of the site.

Contributor – This is the next level up from Subscriber, and contributors have the ability to add content, but not publish it. Content added by contributors are put into the administrator’s “pending” posts panel for approval before publishing.

Authors – Can do everything a contributor can do, and can also publish their own posts. They cannot, however, edit content created by other authors to the site. They can only edit their own submitted content. Authors can also add media to the site and their own posts.

Editor – Can do everything authors can do, and have the ability to edit content created by other authors on the site.

Administrators – Have complete control of the site and all its areas, including themes, plugins, and user creation and editing.


Editing users

To edit a user, hover over the user’s name in the All Users panel in the WordPress Admin. Links to edit or delete that user will appear – click edit. This brings up the edit profile screen, showing more information options than when the user is created.

You, or the user, can add various snippets of additional information, including a nickname, which determines how the user’s name is displayed on the front-end of the site – like in comments, post meta, and forums.

WordPress also includes fields for several social media profiles and a text box for biographical information. These inputs can be especially handy for a multiple author site that wants to show off personal information for its authors. This increases engagement with your site and interest in its member users.

WordPress – Editing Posts And Pages

This flash video tutorial from our video series introduces to editing posts or pages.

This video introduces users to:

  • Locating posts or pages to edit using Posts > Posts or Pages > Pages
  • Accessing the Post and Page action menu links
  • Open up a post or page in Edit mode
  • Changing text to bold and italics
  • Aligning text left, centre and right
  • Updating posts and posts

The Edit Post and Edit Page area in your administration panel where you see a listing of all the saved posts/pages, 20 posts per page, that you’ve written on your site.

In this screen you can search for posts/pages and once located you can either edit or delete them.

Hovering your mouse over the title of a post/page brings up four action links:

Page / Post action link menu items


Clicking the action link Edit opens the post into full edit mode where you can edit the post/page and/or configure post options such as passwords, categories, tags and the timestamp.

Quick Edit

Clicking the action link Quick Edit opens the post/page options letting you configure features such as title, status, passwords, categories, tags comments and the timestamp without having to edit the full post/page.


Used when you want to delete a post/page on your site.


Takes you to your site where you can see what the post/page looks like when viewed on your site.

WordPress – Using Lists

This short video tutorial from our video series introduces users to creating ordered (or numbered) and unordered (or bulleted) lists in posts and pages.

This video introduces users to:

  • the difference between ordered and unordered lists
  • how to create ordered and unordered lists in posts and pages using the WordPress editor

Lists are used to outline and organize information.  Bloggers use them to make their content easier to read.

Creating a lists is as simple as:

  1. Pressing either the ordered or unordered list button in the WordPress editor
  2. Typing in the individual list items
  3. Pressing the respective ordered or unordered list button once again
  4. Previewing the changes to be sure the lists look how you want them to

Ordered List

Unordered List

WordPress – Replacing Images

This short video tutorial from our video series shows users how to replace an image in a post or page

Replacing an image is a very common task when working with posts and pages, yet it’s as simple as removing an existing image and adding a new one .