Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog | Content DevelopmentMaintaining a blog on your website is essential for the survival of your online business and plays a critical role in engaging new customers and clients. It’s ones of the most valuable tools you have at your fingertips to communicate with your clients and build stronger relationships. While social media is an essential facet of your online marketing and communications strategy, blogs help humanize the company and share information in a way that tweeting or making a Facebook update can’t compete with.

Here are three reasons that you should be blogging and developing a solid content development strategy.

1. Blogs generate traffic. Blogs attract traffic to your site like magnets and fuel your SEO efforts. Google and the other search engines loves fresh, valuable content and will reward you for it, as they index blog posts much quicker than they do other pages on your site. You can ensure that traffic is relevant by including your target keywords and keyphrases in your posts so that your direct the traffic you get to drive sales of your products or services.

2. Blogs position you as an industry expert. When you post valuable content, it helps you become a respected authority in your industry and sets you apart from your competitors. Your posts helps you connect directly with clients and potential customers and give you a chance to provide new solutions and easily solve issues. Offering relevant posts also helps you gain your customers’ trust and build rapport with your blog’s followers. The more you post, the more confidence it builds among your customer base and your blog will be viewed as a reliable source of industry information.

3. Blogs complement all of your marketing and PR activities. Your blog posts provide fodder for all of your social media posts, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube, and can be social bookmarked to maximize exposure. Your blog posts can also generate free publicity, as they can be reposted on other sites, and if your blog becomes popular, chances are you may be interviewed from time to time by journalists seeking industry experts.

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