Extima Team at SCaLE 10X

At Extima we are very enthusiastic about technology and we always do our best research in order to offer the most up-to-date online solutions.

My colleague Roberto and I are members of several geek meet ups in the Los Angeles area and usually get together to see what’s going on in the market that we can incorporate into our ‘webdev’ solution kits.

This year we both decided to attend the Southern California Linux Expo 2012 (SCaLE 10X) at the Hilton Hotel next to the LAX airport. Roberto skimmed through several cool talks on different subjects while I volunteered at the Marina room helping Orv Beach’s team to load Fedora 16 on more than 45 students’ computers and get them started with  the Linux basics. It was fun. I did attend the networking  & LAMP related talks though…even got a pic with Owen DeLong and Sharon Levy.

Here at Extima we’re running on Ubuntu 10 (Roberto is managing our private cloud)  and we handle many different Linux-based Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Miva Merchant, Joomla, etc.

Roberto and I were very excited after the show it got us thinking of new ways to implement mobile services to our premium web packages.

We hope to share more with you soon!

Stay tuned …