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What is a Bounce Rate and How Can I Avoid It?

online marketing solutionsWhen it comes to online marketing solutions, a steadily climbing bounce rate can be the kiss of death. It’s defined as the percentage of viewers who visit only one page of your website and then leave without interacting or visiting any other pages. This includes visits where the user closes their browser, clicks on an external link in your content and navigates away, types in a new URL or stays on a page for 30 minutes or more without any interaction.

There are many reasons why your bounce rate is not as low as you would like it to be. It could be that your site takes too long to load, is difficult to navigate or simply doesn’t have the products, services or information that your visitors are looking for. If your site is suffering, here are a few tips to help prevent high bounce rates, get your visitors to engage, and ultimately, increase conversion.

1. Deliver

The most common reason for a high bounce rate is that your site doesn’t deliver what the visitor is looking for. This could be due to poorly targeted keywords or those that are not in alignment with what you’re really offering, as well as misleading advertising. It’s essential to set your users’ expectations correctly so that they won’t be disappointed. If you’re selling outdoor gear and one of your keyphrases is “backpacking equipment,” make sure that you have content related to it and that it’s a type of product you sell.

2. Have clear navigation

Make sure that your site’s navigation is clear and easy to understand.

3. Employ a responsive design

It’s best to ensure that every type of user will have an enjoyable experience. Invest in a responsive design that will accommodate users on all devices available.

4. Be clear

Make sure your landing page has a clear purpose or call to action. Many times, visitors bounce from a site because they’re confused as to what it offers.

5. Create strong content

Make sure your site has lots of compelling, engaging content for visitors to browse or read. Create excellent descriptions of your products and services, and establish a blog and post regularly.

Employing these strategies will help your reduce your bounce rate, establish credibility and trustworthiness, and boost your brand’s visibility. For information on our online marketing solutions, visit this link.

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