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We bet you thought keywords were only for website SEO efforts and just an online marketing strategy —but they’re not. If you want to boost exposure of your social media profiles and pages among potential customers and clients, keywords can play a very handy role. In fact, if you’re not optimizing your profiles and fan pages correctly, you’re most likely losing the opportunity for customers to find you on the social networks.

There are several ways to optimize your social pages and profiles with your target keyword phrase. For starters, on Facebook pages, you can insert your keywords into both your page’s short and long descriptions, as well as in the category your business falls into. You can access these sections with the “About” tab. For both Instagram and Twitter, you can insert your target keyword phrase into the “Bio” section. On Pinterest, you can add it in the “About You” section of your profile.

In Google+, add your target keyword phrase to your tagline, as well as the “introduction,” “skills,” “category” and “occupation” sections. On LinkedIn, you can add your phrase to the “description,” “specialties” and “industry” areas of your company page. For individual profiles, it can be inserted in a variety of places, including your summary, skills, professional headline and job title.

Keep in mind that, just like with your web content, you want to add these phrases in a natural way that makes sense while avoiding overstuffing your profiles. The last thing you want a potential customer or client to do is assume you’re a spammer and leave you in the dust.

Another way to optimize your social media pages and profiles is to optimize your updates. Again, you want to do this in an organic way that doesn’t appear like you’re just throwing in a keyword. For best results, do this as close to the start of your update as possible. With this tactic, you will gain exposure within the network you are posting in, and may even get your updates seen by Google search.

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