A complete online presence:

  • A site that looks great, that users love, that the search engines reward and converts like crazy.

  • Marketing materials that quickly tell a potential client who you are and command respect.

  • An online system that sells, collects data, processes information, interacts with the customer.

  • Integrations that move data where it needs to be for you to use and understand it quickly and easily.

  • Metrics that make sense.

  • An IT platform that you can depend on.


Thank you for all your hard work, Chaton. The website looks wonderful and we are already getting complimented on it.

FYI: Just wanted to take a couple mins to let you know that Roberto is insane! (in a good way…)
I put in a small request last night thinking he would tackle it at some point today. Instead he solved the issue at last night and gave me a detailed explanation of the cause!!
Hold on to that one… employees like that are an extreme rarity.

Website looks AWESOME!!! MUCH THANKS to you and the Extima team for your help in getting this redesigned site and brand rollout done quickly for a great launch.

You guys do a great job.
Very happy : )