Extima is a full-service digital marketing firm based in El Segundo, California. Our Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are based on a solid foundation of proper design and intelligent marketing practices. There is an ever-changing wealth of tools being offered and niches that can be tapped for taking your site to the next level. Extima takes a comprehensive approach that builds a solid foundation, analyzes the results of our actions, and continually seeks new avenues to promote your site to achieve short-term results while focusing on long-term objectives to increase traffic that converts to sales.


First, an overall analysis of your site is performed to assess what is needed to best optimize it for Search Engines. Based on this analysis, a proposal is created to include all the work necessary to optimize the core of your site. This may include:

    • Updating the design, layout and navigation
    • Optimizing images, fixing broken links, eliminating frames and validating HTML for browser compatibility
    • Editing Meta Tags and web copy
    • Creating error pages


    • We take a look at your market and competitors to create an efficient Search Engine Marketing strategy that will produce traffic as well as build your online reach and your brand
    • Connect with key industry influencers to build relationships gain reviews/referrals from their networks
    • Organic Promotion throughout numerous Directories, Message Boards, Social Networking Channels
    • Viral growth with browsers’ use of tools created to enhance their experience and at the same time advertise your website to their online networks
    • Direct Email Marketing to current customers to generate repeat business and outreach to new ones

Content Creation / Copywriting

Our services include original content creation with the goal of attracting new clientele, improving search engine optimization, and conveying a professional image that is relevant to your company’s industry. With expertise in marketing communications across a wide range of industries, Extima’s team of copywriters will develop engaging copy tailored to your specific marketing needs.

Our team will create stellar copy for your website, as well as online newsletters, e-mail blasts, press releases and media kits, from start to finish. We will develop original article ideas, create editorial calendars and provide unrivalled content strategy and leadership, while maintaining your brand’s voice and ensuring the utmost accuracy and quality.


Making sure your newsletter goes out every day/week/month can be a real challenge. Extima can manage this for you by doing it all or working with your content to compile it, style it, and make sure it goes out on time.

    • We work with Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, iContact and more
    • Custom copywriting and content creation available
    • Collection of your blog content and promotions into monthly newsletter
    • Mailing list exports from your site to your
    • Mailing list segmentation for best results
    • Reports on delivery, opens and clicks