Social Image Sizes for all the Major Networks!

Setting up and managing new social media accounts can be daunting whether you’re a small business owner or an experienced Inbound Marketing Guru. Like it or not though, the trend of utilizing these outlets for promotion, link building, and SEO is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future- and the sooner you embrace that fact the better.

One of the biggest pains in regards to social networking has always been figuring out exactly how to format your images for the various different sites you’re posting on. Trying to get the same picture to look correct on Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail was always a guessing game in the past. But thanks to the good people over at this task just got a whole lot easier! They’ve put together a great resource that breaks down the layouts for every image and video size for all of the most relevant social media channels.

Below are the most useful (in my opinion) for your day-to-day tasks on each site. You can find the complete article here.


Cover Photo: 851 x 315 px
Profile Picture: 160 x 160 px (Note: the image must be uploaded as 180 x 180 px)
Timeline Image: 403 x 403 px
Highlighted Post: 843 x 403 px


Profile Picture: 81 x 81 px
Header Image: 520 x 260 px
Shared Image: 375 x 375 px

Google +

Cover Photo: 890 x 180 px
Profile Picture: 250 x 250 px
Shared Image: 497 x 373 px


Profile Picture: 55 x 55 px
Video Preview: 640 x 390 px


Cover Photo: 646 x 220 px
Careers Cover Photo: 974 x 238 px
Product/Service Banner: 646 x 220 px


Profile Picture: 160 x 165 px
Board Big Thumbnail: 222 x 150 px