The basics for getting your business online

Three things are necessary to have a web site online: a Domain Name, a Host, and a Web Site Design.

The Domain Name is the address you would like people to type into their browser to bring up your web site (for example –

The Host is the computer that is hooked up to the Internet at all times with your web site files on it. Through the Internet, people will be able to access this computer and view your web site.

The Design is what visitors will see when they view your site. As a website development firm, Extima is able to provide all three of these services for you.

The next level

Extima offers much more than basic web site design service. We actually specialize in E-Commerce and Business to Business solutions. Extima programers develop Multi-tier database driven web sites to handle user administration, dynamic content, document sharing and many other corporate structures. We have developed Job Boards (similar to, Online Training Systems, and numerous other multi-tier web sites for companies that are ready to USE THE WEB FOR BUSINESS. Check out the E-Commerce, Database Integration, and Clients areas of the site to find out more.

What it all costs

We can register your Domain Name for about $15 per year through sites like GoDaddy and Network Solutions.

Out Basic hosting costs from $10 per month. For most users, that price will include all of the hosting features they need. If you require custom database applications, E-Commerce solutions, or media servers, the cost rises up to $20 per month to start. Depending on your needs we can match a great hosting solution to you from shared environments to dedicated clouds.

Design and Development costs can vary a great deal. At Extima we try to keep things simple and charge a flat $75 per hour for all services.

More things to think about

After you have your web site up and running, how are people supposed to find it? Your site must be submitted to search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.) and the proper meta tags must be embedded into the design of your site to make it appear in those search engines. Extima offers a range of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to match most budgetes.

The ball does not stop there however. You must advertise your web site as much as possible on your own. Your business cards, flyers, mailers, etc. must display your web site address to get people to recognize it. Extima designers have experience in print design as well as web design. They can create your stationary designs as well.