The Benefits of using pinterest for business marketing

Benefits of Using Pinterest for Business marketing | ExtimaPinterest is a bit like a digital vision board—you pin photos you like and categorize them according to topics of your choice in an online profile. Some use it for personal purposes and others use it to gain exposure for their products and services, while many use it for both. Many clients wonder whether there are any benefits to using Pinterest for business marketing or as part of their social media and online marketing campaigns. The consensus is that it can definitely be a great tool for garnering online exposure and attracting new customers. Read on to learn about how it can benefit your business.

One of the many benefits of Pinterest is that it enables you to define and garner exposure for a brand and the people behind it. When the people behind a brand showcase their passions and interests, it helps them become relatable and connect with potential customers. Pinterest also allows users to demonstrate their expertise in their area of business. If your company is a service-oriented firm, you can pin photos of happy customers or client projects. This is an excellent way to promote everything from fitness training, hairstyling and makeup artistry to interior décor, auto restoration or original art, for example. Followers will be inspired and visit your board for ideas, which will increase your credibility and appeal among both new and potential customers.

While an obvious use is to upload photos of your products or services offered, Pinterest also offers a great way to promote text-based content, such as blog articles. When you pin the photo that accompanies the blog post on a board, you can link it to the content to attract traffic. This is a popular method for workouts, recipes, how-to guides, house décor, real estate listings and more.

On the SEO front, Pinterest is beneficial because it adds backlinks to your website and increases overall visibility.

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