Why Long-Tail Keywords are More Effective

Web Design | Why Long-Tail Keywords are More EffectiveLong-tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which specific to your product or service. While many web design companies strive to rank for specific keywords that pertain to their goods or services, using long-tail keyword variations in your online marketing can be a much more effective strategy.

When you first look at a list of long-tail keywords, they may seem to be counterintuitive, but in reality, they can be very powerful. The science behind long-tail keywords is actually pretty basic—when a customer uses a specific search phrase, chances are they know exactly that they are looking for and are more apt to actually purchase your product or service. In fact, many studies show that specific searches are much more likely to convert than more generic searches.

For example, when potential customer search a more general keyword, like “shoes” or “televisions,” it’s more likely that they are in the early research phase or just browsing and aren’t actually ready to make a purchase. However, if they’re searching “black snakeskin stiletto shoes” or “42-inch LED television,” they may be a lot closer to buying. While you may draw less numbers in terms of traffic than with a more general keyword, you’re attracting more focused, relevant traffic that is actively looking for the type of product or service you offer.

Another benefit of using long-tail keywords is that there will be less competition. The competition for short keywords tends to be fierce, such as with “shoes” or “televisions” as opposed to the examples of long-tail keyword variations above. While you may attract more traffic overall by targeting those keywords, you’ll probably get a lot more bounces and less purchases, making the ROI much lower than it would be if your targeted long-tail keyword variations.

As you can see, long-tail keywords can be much better route for your online marketing efforts as they will help you get more qualified search traffic, boost your search engine rankings and convert more customers. When you’ve already spent so much on creating your brand, website design and marketing collateral, why not maximize your potential for sales?

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