Why SEO is Essential for e-Commerce

Why SEO is Essential for e-Commerce Website Design

No matter how big or small your e-Commerce site is, implementing a solid SEO strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Good SEO practices boosts traffic and increases revenues, while helping you keep up with and dominate the competition.

Why Search Matters

SEO is one of the most fundamental ways to help customers find your company and its products. Nine times out of 10, if you log into your Google Analytics account, organic search will rank as one of your top sources of sales and traffic. Studies show that the majority of online purchase decisions are made with the help of search engine rankings. This means it’s essential to get your target keyphrases ranking—on page one, if possible. When your company doesn’t show up in the first few pages of search results, fewer customers will know about your products and your company will sell less. In addition to helping potential customers and clients find you, SEO helps you stay visible and even stand out amongst the competition.

Another important thing to consider about SEO is that it promises an avenue for growth. When you invest serious numbers into the website design of your e-Commerce site and product development, it only makes sense to pursue every opportunity to increase brand visibility. By usurping average search engine rankings, your company will experience a surge of traffic that can significantly boost your profits.


When it comes to the cost-effectiveness of implementing marketing strategies, organic SEO gives you more targeted results with a lower bounce rate than many ads and PPC campaigns can generate. More importantly, SEO’s effects are long lasting, making it a better investment than an ad that disappears when the campaign ends, leaving no lasting impact on your search engine rankings. In addition, cost per click and banner ads can be expensive, while an effective SEO strategy can be implemented at a fixed monthly cost. It can keep your sales coming and achieve revenues in a very cost-effective way.

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